WRE Audit

Weighing Risk Evaluation Audit (WRE)

Obligation Free Assessment and Advice

Our service records show that a considerable number of customers are not using the right weighing instruments for their weighing applications resulting in frequent service issues. It is important to consider the weighing sensor technology when selecting a weighing instrument, especially for a precision weighing application.

We often see that most of the test procedures only focusing on sensitivity drift and does not pay much attention on reproducibility. Non repeatability should be a major concern for any weighing instrument user especially for a high accuracy weighing.

Are you concerned about these? Kindly contact us and we can organise an obligation free assessment of your weighing instruments, applications, test and service procedures.

Our “Weighing Risk Evaluation Audit” (WRE) evaluates the risks involved in your weighing process which can affect the accuracy and quality of the weighing results.

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